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is embedded with marine sharp shooters in action. but first over a career spanning more than 60 years few have earned a more formidable reputation as an analytical thinker than harold brown who was the nation's 14th defense secretary during the carter administration. a true prodigy he earned hi doctorate in physics from columbia university when he was just 21. he started his career at livermore lab in california and eventually moving to the pentagon where he became the director of defense research and engineering then air force secretary and eventually defense secretary. his ability to handle a staggering workload are legend including read and annotating 400 page briefing books overnight. during the career brown shaped fighters like the f-15 and f-16 that remain the air force's backbone fleet today. and championed jointness among the military serv before the failed iran hostage rescue mission convinced others to follow. now 85, brown continues to serve on the defense policy board and is a trustee of the center for strategic and international studies. with joyce winds low, brown recently co-aut
've delivered that message clearly. our actions are we operate in there. we will continue to operate in there, there being the south china sea and all international waters. we're very upfront about it. working with our allies establishes a common set of protocols, again deliver a clear message, be professional about it and talk with the chinese navy as we are. we have the military maritime consultant agreement talks, a series of talks by the pacific commander and his staff and many members in our navy and we also have flag officers talking. that must continue. >> do you also need to be investing in antimissiles, missiles in order to better protect the battle force and at what time do you spend so much defensive capability that you don't have so much offensive capability? >> you need joint access. that's there. we find the means to do that. when one considers defense, i'll talk about that in just a minute. you need to look at the whole spectrum in order for one to conduct any kind of an attack whether it's a ballistic or cruise missile, you have to find somebody. then you have to make sure it'
these holds that go on indefinitely and block nominations and legislative action is unacceptable. we have seen -- we have seen on struck shun used as a partisan tal. the one thing i would say, i think we're at a defining moment. james baker's old phrase. this is really a time when we will find out whether the senate can reverse its decline, and i'm more optimistic. >> what gives you that sense of optimism? >> number one, i believe that the public demands it. number two, i think that many of the senators are as angry and frustrated with the current situation as the public is. they don't think they were sent to washington to be partisans. they think they were sent to solve the nation's problems. and number three, the problems and particularly dramatized by the terrible events at newtown, the problems are there to be addressed. and i think that this is a defining moment. i think it is going to change. >> and we do need to have some really, really great minds come back in, like lugar and snowe >>> as part of the latest defense budget congressional leaders around the administration put acrimo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3